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Ideas and Opinions 

Sometimes 144 characters are not sufficient. It takes more to communicate big ideas, big concepts, and big thinking. On this page, we provide a space for expression of real thoughts of significance and interest to Democrats.

Contributions to this page are welcome.  See the editorial policies at the bottom of this page.

Teachers Deserve More
Bob Layne
The accusations by several letter-writers and by former Rep. David Stringer1 of Prescott, that Arizona teachers make too much money compared to other professions and that teachers have an easy part-time job, are truly disingenuous. Diane McQueen’s letter , “Teaching is part time?” makes that very clear.  READ MORE
The US Is Not So Free
Bob Layne
Libertarian John Stossel laments that the USA ranks 17th in Human Freedom Index. The Conservative Cato Institute study on Human Freedom rates Switzerland, Hong Kong on top, measuring low taxes, free trade, regulations, women’s rights, and religious freedom. Perhaps the US is ranked so low due to the ideologies of the Conservative Right and the Republican leadership. READ MORE
One Of Our Political Parties No Longer Believes In Democracy
Gary LaMaster
For most of our history, the US has been dominated by two political parties. Though they have been fiercely competitive, they have always seemed willing to agree on the relative infallibility of the Constitution. And they have been willing to put their faith in the electorate. But over the past few decades, something changed. READ MORE
Deficit Reality
Bob Layne

Michael Oskins letter  to the Daily Courier, “Tax Cuts,” has the deficit information wrong. He says that the tax cuts have reduced the deficit due to the increase in economic growth. I won’t call it a lie, but it is incorrect.

The deficit is the dollar difference we spend over what we take in. At year end this becomes part of the National Debt. Fiscal year-end September 30th the deficit was $779 billion. That is 18.6% over last year, 33.2% over the deficit in 2016, and 60% over 2015 figures. Therefore, the deficit is definitely not going down. READ MORE

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