Arizona Democrats have a history of making progressive gains and applying our Western pragmatism to the issues facing everyday Arizonans. From preserving the natural wonders of our state to providing a living wage to working families, we know that we have a plan that works for all Arizonans. At the end of the day, our policies focus on one thing: providing opportunities for Arizonans of all walks of life.

Prescott indivisible's mission is to educate, share, and uphold liberty with for justice and compassion for all and a dedication to truth.  

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 Democratic  Women  of  the  Prescott Area hosts luncheons featuring political speakers from across Arizona. Past speakers have included Jean Wilcox, Prescott City Council and  2017 candidate for Prescott’s Mayor. We’ve also hosted speakers on women’s reproductive rights, domestic violence and healthcare. Our newsletter, email and presentations inform members on critical issues. We organize petition drives, rapid response campaigns and demonstrations, as well as talking to our elected officials about issues that matter. Our members often volunteer for local, state and national campaigns as well.

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Young Democrats of the Prescott Area

This is an exciting young group (under 35), but you can become an Alum at any age.

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Verde Valley Independent Democrats, a working group founded in 2011 to bring a broad spectrum of accurate information — moderate, progressive, liberal, and Democratic — to the general public.

Democrats of the Red Rocks, Democrats of the Red Rocks is a registered Democratic Club for Sedona, the Village of Oak Creek, and surrounding communities that welcomes all independent-minded citizens. Our mission is to elect Democrats by educating the community, promoting Democratic Party principles, and increasing voter turnout. 


Outlaw Dirty Money is a common-sense reform with wide, bi-partisan support. 

 All Arizona Voters have the right to know who is trying to influence state and local elections