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Our Priorities

We believe that every human being deserves to live with dignity by means of: equal justice, affordable healthcare, quality education, the right to choose, secure retirement, a healthy planet, and responsible government.

Protecting Our Right to Choose

The most basic human right is the right to control one’s own body. For women across the country and here in Arizona that right is being stripped away. We believe that every Arizonan regardless of their background should be guaranteed the right to choose if, when, and how they start or grow their family. And the majority of Arizonans agree with us. 71% of Arizona voters oppose banning abortion outright, and 80% of Arizonans believe that doctors should be able to provide appropriate care to their patients without the threat of jail or fines.

The extreme proposals being introduced in the state legislature are not only cruel to women and their families, they go against the will of voters. This is unacceptable. We will fight for the right for every Arizona woman to decide for herself.

Protecting Our Environment

Vegetation, water, air, soil, and climate affect every aspect of our lives. Every voting age person has seen change in those parameters in their lifetime. Taking positive action to hold ourselves and our leaders responsible for protecting the earth’s resources requires work and diligence. Steady vigilance of our personal habits and steady pressure on elected officials have reversed some hazardous practices, but the work is far from over. Our water resources are not guaranteed. The shortages we face affect our health, our economy, and the survival of future generations. Now is the time for action on climate change.

Housing For All

The Arizona Department of Housing estimates we are short 270,000 housing units. During the pandemic, national homelessness rose by 1%, while here in Arizona homelessness rose by a stunning 23%.

It is completely unacceptable that hard-working Arizonans, many here in Yavapai County, cannot afford something as basic as a home. What is more unacceptable is that poor decisions from our government leaders have made the problem worse. Our leaders must prioritize the needs of many rather than a few. We need leaders who are willing to tackle all sides of the problem from unfair zoning laws and an unregulated vacation rental industry, to the lack of affordable housing rules for new developments. It’s time to elect Democrats who we know will fight for housing for all.

Reviving the Rural Arizona Economy

14 out of 15 Arizona counties have per capita income below (from 7% to 50% below) the US figure. The 2.5 million Arizonans who live outside Maricopa County are being starved of infrastructure improvement, educational and job opportunities, and meaningful economic development. They’re being left behind. From Bagdad to Black Canyon City, from Seligman to Sedona, it’s time to invest in every Arizona community, in every Arizona citizen.

Protecting Our Seniors

The Social Security Board of Trustees estimates that based on current law, the Social Security Trust Fund will be depleted by 2041. American wage earners built this reserve only to have the federal government take from it for almost 50 years. No other developed country in the world threatens the well-being of its seniors this way. Financial stability and the resources to meet basic needs are critical for living life with dignity. Help us elect Democratic leaders who will address this national emergency and safeguard a better future for our most vulnerable.

Protecting Our Right to Vote

Voting should be accessible, easy, and safe for all. Arizona is home to 10% of all the proposed legislation restricting voting rights — despite no verified problems with the 2020 presidential election or the 2022 midterms. Arizona Republicans continually spread doubt and fear about our elections. It is not reasonable to think that our elections were “rigged,” when there is no evidence. Our legislators across the aisle are fighting to silence us. They want to get rid of mail-in ballots and voting before election day, without any consideration for those unable to stand in hours long lines. This is an affront to voting rights. Electing Democrats is our first line defense for preserving our right to vote.