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Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated volunteers committed to recruit, train, and support qualified and electable candidates in every position on the ballot in Yavapai County in 2023 and 2024.

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In 1973, we were founded with the purpose of empowering Democrats to step into government leadership across Arizona. In the intervening years, we have learned that positive change for our state starts right here in Yavapai County.

Through our robust volunteer recruitment and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts we consistently deliver votes and logistical support for Democrats up and down the ballot. Over the past decade, we have seen Democratic vote numbers consistently increase in Yavapai County, resulting in our most recent statewide victories in 2022.

Our work speaks for itself, but we’re not done yet. 2024 will be another consequential election year, and we must continue building our momentum. Every Democrat in Yavapai County is welcome to join our efforts by volunteering any combination of time, talent, or financial support. We are a big tent, and we hope you join us.

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Our Work Electing Democrats in Arizona

Each year we consistently recruit over 200 precinct committee people to help turn out votes for Democrats.

Year after year, we have the highest Democratic turnout in the state of Arizona. In 2022, we delivered over 45,000 votes for Democrats running for office, including from many non-Democratic voters.

Last cycle, our volunteers knocked on over 30,000 doors and made over 17,000 phone calls to voters on behalf of Democratic candidates. Our work resulted in the victories of Democrats in four statewide elections.

Contribute to YavDems

We rely on the generosity of everyday Arizonans to fund our efforts to organize and turn out voters for Democratic candidates.

Your contribution will directly effect change in Yavapai County by funding our voter outreach and education programs, logistical support and training for candidates and volunteers, and keeping the doors to our office open for all. Please join us today.

If you saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will be processed immediately.