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Our Mission

The Yavapai County Democratic Party shall be to promote the values, message and principles of the Democratic Party and work to elect Democrats to public office. 

    2021 - 2022 Issues


  • Education & Training

      Statewide focus on opposing privatization and vouchers, increasing                      funding, blocking bad education legislation; charter school and STO                      oversight; securing post-secondary education funding; DACA and JTED.

  • Environment

      On the local, state and national levels: Promote solar energy and clean                energy; recognize and fight climate change, protect water sources and                develop sustainable policies; prevent forest wildfires through policies.

  • Immigration & Refugees

      On the local, state and national levels: collect relief supplies, support                    DACA, publicize contributions of immigrants.

  • Election Integrity

      On the local state and national levels: establish a vote-by-mail system;                support efforts to expose Dirty Money through a referendum; oppose                    voter suppression; promote campaign finance reform; protect redistricting            process; protect the integrity of the 2020 census

  • Healthcare

      On the state and national levels: provide affordable healthcare for all;                  protect mental health coverage; reduce prescription drug prices;                          address the opioid crisis effectively; seek lower medical care costs.

  • Defending the 99%

      On the national level: promote policies to strengthen the middle class,                  provide economic equity via jobs and livable wages, fair taxation,                          economic revival and expanded opportunities, fund public transportation              (also on the local level); address inflation; end the trade war and                          damaging economic policies; rein in the robber barons; stop corporate                   influence in running the country; restore consumer protections; protect                 net neutrality; ensure broadband internet access in rural areas; hold  

       public officials accountable; set legislative goals and promote affordable               housing.


  • Social & Criminal Justice Reform

       Promote Gun sense and the ERA, as well as reforming the prison                         system and restoring voting rights of those who served their time.

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