The YCDP Team
Our great team of dedicated volunteers works tirelessly toward our common Democratic goals of equality rights, equal opportunity, safety and security, etc.   We are committed to recruit, train, and support qualified and electable candidates in every position on the ballot in Yavapai County in 2019 and 2020.
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Jay Ruby- Event Coordinator -
Executive Board
Sandy DeVille- Treasurer -
Executive Board
Lindsay Bell- Political Action -
Executive Board
Vivian Perry - Election Integrity
Executive Board
Alex Piacenza -
Precinct Leadership Executive Board
John Lutes -  Chair
Executive Board
Lesley Aine McKeown-
Communications Director  -Executive Board
Todd Mireles- Xicano/Latino
Outreach Chair -Executive Board
Marion Pack - Headquarters Chair -
Executive Board
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Holli Ploog - DORR Liaison
Bob Lynne - Letter Writing Chair
Marion Lynam - DWPA Liaison


1555 Iron Springs Road

Suite 1

Prescott, AZ  86305



P.O. Box 1644

Prescott, AZ 86302

Phone:  928-541-0413

Office Hours: NOTE:

The office is currently closed until further notice to protect our volunteers during this COVID crisis.

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