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The YCDP Team
The YCDP Executive Board is a great team of dedicated volunteers working tirelessly toward our common Democratic goals of equality rights, equal opportunity, safety and security, etc.  We are committed to recruit, train, and support qualified and electable candidates in every position on the ballot in Yavapai County in 2023 and 2024.
Mike Fogel
Ray Frey
VC Education & Communication
Michelle Day
VC Political Action
Llama Habern
VC Precinct Leadership/Field Organizer
Alison Maher
VC Headquarters Operation
Karen Beardsley
Sandra Shull
John Duncan
Equity Committee Chair
Lindsay Bell
Chair Advisor
Laura Masters
Events Chair
Kathleen Sauer
Legal Advisor/DWPA Liaison
Vivian Perry
Election Security
Toni Denis
Newsletter Production
Peggy Glenn
Communications Editor
Lindsay Bowe
Messaging Editor
Jeff Daverman
Communications Production
Bart Beardsley
Communications Production
Dana Ralston
Social Media Production
Holli Ploog
DOOR Liaison
Maria Lynam
Indivisible Liaison
Dottie Morris
Environmental Advisor
Julie Fernatt
Field Organizer
Richard Hector
Student Liaison
John Lutes
Chair Advisor
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