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Volunteer with Us

Volunteers are the backbone of our party. With your help we can effect the change we want to see. We are here to INSPIRE you, EMPOWER you, and get you ready to ACT!

Here is a list of ways you can help with descriptions of each job. Discover where your talents would be most useful then fill out the volunteer form.

Precinct Committee Person

  • Neighborhood Organizer
  • County Committee member
  • Eligible for YCDP Board
  • Eligible for state committee

Event Volunteer

  • Plan, organize and/or work fundraisers (picnic), forums, debates, watch parties
  • Organize and/or work County Committee meetings
  • Make phone calls to invite people to events
  • Organize and work auctions at events
  • Organize food and beverages for events
  • Transport equipment to/from events

Office/Administrative Volunteer

  • Office receptionist/manager
  • Work on mailers-(stuffing envelopes, writing out addresses, etc.)
  • Data entry work
  • Phone calls for meeting reminders, proxies, etc.
  • Follow-up with new attendees – “ambassador role”
  • Volunteer recruitment

Legislative policy networking/rapid response

  • Tracking legislative activities
  • Rapid response on pending legislation
  • Tracking our legislators and their votes
  • Request to Speak system
  • Legislative network days
  • Calls to action

Election volunteers

  • Voter registration
  • Election phone banking
  • Election door knocking
  • Volunteer recruitment (specific for election work)
  • Election integrity
  • Opposition research
  • Policy research
  • Tracking/recording voter contacts
  • Transport equipment to/from events

Messaging and Communications

  • Letters to editor
  • Social media
  • Preparing and disseminating talking point
  • Writing newsletter articles; laying out newsletter
  • Bloggers
  • Planning and drafting mailings

Please fill out the volunteer form and the Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you soon.