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Phone:  928-541-0413

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10-3pm

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Yavapai County Democratic Party

Promoting the vision
of the Democratic Party, 
supporting Democratic candidates for local, state, and national offices, and
educating voters
Inspire      Empower      Act

Join us for the Yavapai County Democratic Party 

Annual Truman- Clinton Dinner

Sept 21 , 2019

Prescott Resort & Conference Center

Cocktails 5-6pm           Dinner 6-9pm

Keynote speaker

U.S. Senate Candidate - Mark Kelly


Felecia Rotellini - AZ Democratic Party Chair

Felicia French and Coral Evans - LD6 Candidates
Judy Stahl and Jan Manolis - LD1 Candidates
Spoken Word Artist KJ Ink

I am a Democrat because I believe the Democratic Party is the voice for those who would otherwise not be heard.

I am a Democrat because I believe in both the work ethic and the worth ethic.

I am a Democrat because I believe the Democratic Party stands for the opportunity that is every person’s God-given right.

I am a Democrat because I am motivated by faith and not by fear, by hope and not by hate.

I am a Democrat because I believe in inclusion, not exclusion.

excerpts from I am a Democrat by Carolyn Warner, State Superintendent of Public Instruction and candidate for Governor, 1986

Find upcoming YCDP events and affiliated Democratic events in the county

and state.

Next YCDP Monthly Meeting Oct 10, 5:30 - 7:30.   Rural Economy

Find information on:

  • How to Vote

  • Where to Vote

  • Vote by Mail

  • Absentee Voting

  • Sign Candidate Petitions

  • Find your polling place

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A volunteer:

“a person who expresses a willingness to undertake a service.”

  • You do not volunteer for the pursuit of a monetary prize or recognition.

  • You volunteer because the optimist inside you, perhaps the idealist, spies a glimmer of hope.

  • You understand that you are helping. You see that your time is worth it.

  • You believe that you are capable of inciting change and making progress.

If any of these describe you then we need your help.

Yavapai County Democrats foundation is built on the hard work of your volunteers.  We have countless ways you can contribute. 


Visit our Volunteer page here.