Message from the Chair on Elections

Fellow Democrats:
Watchful waiting. It’ll require some time before we know the results of the Arizona election. It’s certainly tempting to ride the waves of emotion each time results are updated, but there’s only going to be one result for each race and we’ll have to wait. In the meantime, stay vigilant and stay tuned to your Yavapai Dems for any emerging information—we may need you.  
There are three waves of votes:

  • Wave 1 is the early ballots turned in before November 2. Democratic voters in Yavapai County did their usual great job in getting their votes in early. (67% - Highest in the State!)

  • Wave 2 is the election day votes cast at polling places. The votes from waves 1 and 2 have now largely been counted. 

  • Wave 3 will be the votes cast early between November 4 and November 7 and the election day votes put in drop boxes. Those are still being counted and there are a LOT of them in Maricopa County. So please be patient.

I want to thank the extraordinary efforts of our executive committee, our (220!) precinct committee people and all of our volunteers. With Mission for Arizona, we mounted one of the best field organizing efforts in the state with thousands of doors knocked and phone calls made each week. Yavapai County Democrats are leading the way in organizing and outreach and I want to thank everyone that made that happen. I’m counting on you to keep up the effort as we start preparing for 2024. We’ll be using that time to keep building the party, get stronger and get smarter and we want you to be a part of that effort. (A contribution to the Yav Dems at ActBlue would be a good first step.)
Again, thank you everyone.

John Lutes
Yavapai County Democratic Party Chair
P.S. We will let you know when Mission for Arizona needs local volunteers in Yavapai County to cure ballots in the next few days. Stay tuned. 

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